BorealSky |ˈbôrēəl skī| is a boutique motion picture studio and social media marketing agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We create cinematic branding and marketing films that our clients use to advertise on television, for online marketing, and at point of purchase and trade shows.

BorealSky was started by filmmaker and cinematographer Brett Kosmider to provide high production value marketing films for small business and as a production partner for advertising agencies of all sizes. Possessing over fifteen years of experience in advertising, television entertainment and marketing communications, he’s garnered numerous awards and accolades for his work.

BorealSky has been commissioned to produce marketing films for Cy Winship of HGTV and Oprah Winfrey’s “Live Your Best Life Weekend” in New York City, among others. His skills have been enlisted to contribute to the creative efforts behind brands like Target, General Mills, Cargill, Porsche, and BMW.

At the core Brett is a storyteller. He’s woven over 200 hours of stories (aka unscripted television) for major networks like HGTV, Food Network, PBS, CNN, ABC, and Travel Channel. On HGTV alone, Brett’s name has rolled in the credits of over 100 episodes of interior design and home renovation programming.

When Brett started BorealSky he knew that only the best would do. So that’s why he acquires his footage with the latest in digital cameras to create his unique cinematic aesthetic.

Design is very important to us. From the way we compose our imagery and the colors within the frame to the animated graphics and sound design – we obsess about every detail. We feel that the quality and workmanship of our films echo that of premium, high quality brands.

advertising strategy, social branding, digital cinematography, creative video editing

“…I’ve worked with Brett on both long-format and spot work, television on-air promotions and television specials. He has both outstanding storytelling skills as well as a highly skilled eye in creating compelling visuals. His work is outstanding.”
- Steve Mulholland, Creative Director/Executive Producer, Met|Hodder

“Working with Brett is a great experience. He is very professional and highly creative. And a good person to be around…”
– Douglas Beasley, Owner, Beasley Photography/Vision Quest

“Brett has a great eye and mad tech skills, so as an editor he’s the whole package. He’s also a terrific photographer. And funny, very funny.”
- Emily Stevens, Director of Production, Edelman Productions

“…I know that when I hire Brett, he will create a great piece of work for me.”
- Ian Corbin, Director of Post Production at Periscope

“SIMPLY AWESOME!!!! Well done. I’m blown away by the professionalism of this piece.”
- Sean Ryan, Race Director, Door County Triathlon