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Brett Kosmider

Filmmaker. Photographer. Storyteller. 

I started Boreal Sky as an independent video production boutique and over the years it has evolved into the home for my most cherished projects and clients. What I’ve always loved about what I do is that I get to immerse myself in awesome brands and work with amazing people who love their craft.


It’s safe to say I was born a storyteller, armed with my first camera at the age of five I instantly knew the power of the device. These days I’m driven by perfect light, compelling stories and rock and roll.

Cliff Notes Version:
- I make videos and photos
- I love what I do
- My clients consider me family
- I am a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot
- My experience includes broadcast ad campaigns, television series, and web content
- I’ve worked for ad agencies, tv production companies and large corporations
- My favorite pie is key lime

- Chicken wings are my thing

Boreal Sky is based on the shores of Lake Michigan in the fine state of Wisconsin, but the work takes me throughout the United States and North America.


I do some fine art photo work from time to time as well.

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